Kvazár (Quasar) is the minimalistic space ambient project of the hungarian space-huligan Olivér Dombi. Kvazár Releases are usually long Space Drones. It is flagged wrong as dj mixes. Some shops do so, but its wrong.

Oliver Dombi is an artist and label owner from Transylvania, born on Christmas evening in 1981. He produces music under his real name since 2009. He started to write music in 2001 and released his first track on Vinyl in 2006 as 'Audiosex' (currently written as Audios3x). He also created 'Shambala Networks' in 2007, 'Csillagkod', 'Kvazar'  and Morogh in 2011 and these are his main side-projects, as his favorite musical genre is Ambient. He makes all types of music, that was the reason multiple projects were born.

His labels: ADX Records, AL Records, MHT Records, LOTEK Recordings, HSL, Shadows of Nothingness. ET Media.

A 'Kvazár' hangspektruma jócskán 16 HZ alatt és 20.000 Hz felett van, ezért a zene nem hallható. (Csak az első albumra érvényes)

The Soundscale of 'Kvazár' is far under 16 Hz and higher then 20.000 Hz, so the music cannot be heard. (Valid only for First Album)

 ''A hülyeséget kell a legkomolyabban venni''

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