INTERVIEW WITH K   (R. Lundgren)

What´s the name of your band?
Kvazar, and its a hungarian word, expression, means Quasar. (Astronomy)
How was the band formed?
Kvazar is a solo project, it was made for my minimalistic space ambient works, as I do many type of Music
I splited my works into more then 1 artist names, and Kvazar is one of them.

Can you tell about your band?
I started this project in 2011 and I have releases as LP, EP, single on itunes, amazon, beatport, etc, and I am also
doing bandcamp uploads too. The Music is minimalistic, deep space sound. I love to experiment with long space drones.

Where are all band members from?/Who does what in the band?
I am from Transylvania, I write, produce, compose.. I do everything.

What was the ambitions of the band when you started?
To recreate the Cosmos'musicaly'

Could you explain your music to someone that haven't heard you?
its Cosmic, deep and Large.

Where was your first gig?
I did gigs only with some of my other projects, like
Shambala Networks, Csillagkod or Audios3x.
What's good/bad with the band?/What genre do you feel you are?
No bad things with Kvazar, just Good. Space Music
Do you write your own material or mainly covers?
I write own works.

Have you made any albums?/If yes what are they?
The biggest Album, LP is 'Infinite Nowhere', but there are many others like 'Repetitive World' or 'Atom sized Universe'.
I have 12 releases on beatport for example.

Do you have any clips on YouTube?
I am not using Youtube often, dont know if I have works uploaded by others. I think from Kvazar I do not have

How old are you?/What got you started in music?
I will be 33 this December (2014). Evidently the deep Love for the Music, and I also wanted to do something what really worth to be done.
Writing Music is Magic, a very high creator power, its a connection with a whole Existence.
At what age did you start playing?
How old were you guys when you first stood on stage?
I was 25

What year was the band started?
Kvazar was started in 2011
What places will you be playing in in the imediate future?
Time will tell
Where have you played from then till now?
Like I mentioned I never played with my Kvazar Project, but with my other artists schizos I played in Russia, Austria, Czech rep. etc. Quite many countries for a drone Musician.
Witch band is the best you´ve seen?
I am not often going to venues

What are the plans for the rest of the year?
Making Releases

What are your goals with your music?
Space Travel

When did you decide to go all in for the music?
at the start
Is it easier to get your inspiration from older bands or from bands more modern?

What are your sources of inspiration?

What's the first step when making a new song?
materializing the inside ideas

How do you feel about the downloading of music instead of buying albums?
music is not necessary a free gift from nowhere..

What would be your dreams for the band?
I am in that dream

Besides your own music, what genres and bands do you listen to?
Usually open for many genres, but still not everything.
beside ambient? I like deep house, techno, black metal, metal in general, terazza/lounge music.. like I said, many types.
Have you been part of any other projects?
For all my projects visit - all these are solo projects,
I am not a member in a band, but I do make releases for other artists through my labels.
What do you work with outside of the band and the music?
Music Publishing
What would you do if there was no music?
Playing Chess, porn
How important are your fans?
Cute and OK, but Costumers are more important, they are more real fans.

How often do you rehearse?
Where do you rehearse?

Name 2 of your own songs you like at the moment?
Mathematical Correction and Truth + Entirety

What drives a band that isn't all that famous and renowned to try to make a living on their music and to keep playing?
Move to a poor country :)

Do you have any webpages?
Yes +

Any pearls of wisdom for all other bands out there?
do music for something, not just for the music

How do you view the musicindurty of today?
changes are not that big 'inside the music world' changes are mostly within the people, they dont have as much respect as without the internet era,
of course in this way the industry had to make changes too.


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